Yoga Classes

Yoga is a workout that is full of health benefits. It provides support to the physical health as well as mental health of the body. It provides the excellent support to your muscles and tones them. Providing the power to the body, our Yoga training is extremely supportive to increase the concentration power. In this way you can improve your mental health. You can avail the best treatments and the yoga practice for reducing back fat at Gym Richmond.  We guide you to do several techniques of yoga to increase your mental peace. These are good therapy for stress relief as well. Do not waste your time to take stress medicines. Join us for permanent solution.

At our Yoga bar, there are several sessions for women. To get information in detail, you can easily access the official website. We deliver our services in South Yarra and surrounding suburbs Richmond, Toorak, Albert Park, Southbank, Docklands, ST Kilda, Hawthorn, Kew, Abbotsford and Malvern. Our expert and professional yoga trainers will guide you about the special techniques that will help you to be fit and healthy.

The majority of the women want to reduce the obesity especially they want to burn extra fats from the special parts of the body. It can be costly to buy the entire system of the machine at home; however it is less pricey when contrasted with the yearly expenses of buying machines for health and fitness. The yoga training in Richmond Gym is amazingly helpful. These are the ways that convey an incredible fun and excitement while doing activity.

Combined Yoga Classes


Important Yoga postures at Yoga Bar
  1. Wheel
  2. Locust
  3. Bow
  4. Dolphin Plank
  5. Side Plank
  6. Straight-Arm Triangle
  7. Half Moon
  8. Warrior 3
  9. Side Fierce

Vital practice by Richmond Gym

  1. Touch floor with your right hand. Slip your fingers towards back. In this way the fingers will enter the delicate, beefy section.
  2. Bend your body like a wheel towards back. It helps to tone up the back area. It is the fastest and the simplest way to enhance the blood flow to the hands to do exercise. It can be treated through the exercise because it is the main source of increasing the blood flow or warm up your body.
  3. Posture is the best strategy to maintain the proper blood flow as per the importance of the space your neckline bone and your first rib on both sides of your body. Here are some tips to help out the situation.
  4. Our coaches guide you to do yoga for keeping your blood circulation proper. It activates for the long time.

Supine Hamstring Stretch

Our professional yoga trainers guide you about different yoga postures. Lye on your back while twisting the right knee towards the mid-section and keep a strap around your foot. Presently keep straight your leg upward. Presently press your both heels. All these yoga classes are helpful to get maximum health and fitness.

Two knee Twist

It is another successful approach to get help from the lower back torment. It is the initial step of Knee bowing towards your mid-section while lying on the back for these extends for lower back torment. Stretch your arms out as T. Presently breathe out and keep your knees to the grounds. Press your shoulders down solidly.

These stretches are exceptionally viable to burn back fat and you would have the capacity to get adequate alleviation from the torment. The other advantage that you can get from these extends is that they keep you from further fat formation towards fat. It is highly wonderful way to keep you fit and healthy. It helps in toning up body and keeps the body in proper working condition.

Leg Extension with hydrants

It is one of the best exercise that we use in our Yoga training. Bend on your knees in form of all four, the wrists should be stacked over the shoulders. Now move by lifting your knee upwards then extend the left side straight. Have a pause while bending the knee and bring the leg to back in the straight position. You must take one move for 30 to 45 seconds. Repeat the exercise again and again thrice a day. The objective behind designing the exercise is to cut down the stress and dullness from your life. It will help you to get the perfect result quickly.


Our instructors focus on your fitness and always introduce very easy ways for healthy body. Making the rainbow is another effective way to have the desired result. Stay on all fours with your wrists stacked over and the bending on knees making them wide. You must level your spine. When you lift back your leg then then squeeze the gultes. Now tap the floor slowly. Now start yoga training after completing it and repeat it in different timings.

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