Mitford gym


Mitford Gym is highly amazing to improve your core strength? Gym Richmond with trained team is at your service in Mitford. Our skilled trainers are experienced and certified. They will make your fitness target easy to achieve. Enjoy the fitness plans of your taste in the elegant building of Gym Richmond because it is the best source of your entertainment. The building is located in the center of the city that is known as the heart as well. It is definitely called the landmark of the workout due to the special architecture of the building. The sleek design and the skyline domination enhance the beauty of the building. The stylish elevation is the prime feature of the building. It possesses the elevated podium of 10 stories that is sure to steal the attention of all the visitors. There are several features of the building that make it super stylish and classic. These things are very unique and beautiful and the model of the modern age.


  • Your body needs your attention so enjoy a personal massage program
  • Cardio Workout is to activate your body
  • Workout exercises are highly wonderful for your fitness
  • Boot Camp is to increase your enthusiasm
  • Yoga for different physical and metal issues is amazing


The stylish building is admired due to the advance architecture. The elegant design and the elevation make it superb. The looks very classy due to the roof terrace. It proves itself a unique social spot because of the cabanas, pool and sun tanning. We have installed innovative security cameras here. The elegant feature of the cameras is the monitoring around the clock. In this way the user will never miss the single video. All these recorded videos are stored in the hard drive of the system automatically. With the wide parking lots, we provide you extra amenities. Ladies are facilitated in ladies gym with ladies trainers as well as baby care facilities. Our mission is to satisfy you without bounding in any agreement or contract. This makes you feel comfortable in the gym.



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