From a rock climbing wall that extents the stature of the building, more machines and a swimming pool that a member pokes a barbell at, Gym Richmond in South Yara is an ideal Gym. We are furnished with spin, yoga, Crossfit, boxing, Personal Training, numerous aerobic classes whole week, sleeping pod zone, sauna and café. You can easily spend hours in our gym without counting moments. We accommodate our members with modern facilities like lockers, private rooms, security devices and many more. Securing your accessories from stealing is easier now due to the use of the innovative technology of the present era. The anti-stealing system is excellent to prevent theft. Modern Security system is highly efficient in our Gym because we know the worth of your property. The security cameras are able to capture the image as well as video at night very clearly. No doubt it is a dynamic feature of the device that it offers the day and night monitoring.


  • Slimming Plan will help you to shed extra pound
  • Have a sleek and smart look with weight loss training
  • Give a break to your tired body by taking a Spa treatment
  • Give relax to your nerves in Steam exercise
  • Leave stress in Yoga classes


Gym Richmond in South Yara has been decorated with modern devices and equipment. It is the real source to provide high quality. Executing the best result, according to the user’s requirements these devices are perfect for commercial use. Raising the productivity of the business due to the high configuration these are highly efficient in many ways. Efficiency is the best feature of these machines to engrave the material. It is the symbol of comfort, and convenience. It is designed with the mission is to offer great benefit of comfort and convenience for offering the aid regarding reliable efficiency at extreme levels. We always use devices to track your heart rate. You will feel amazingly comfortable because it will provide you maximum pleasure. This affordable solution is good for comfortable experience. We are situated in the best market place of the area which gives the golden chance for saving your time and money in terms of transportation.



6 Pack Abs