From gentle reconditioning to high intensity Gym Richmond in Hawthorn is the right solution. Explore our wide range of group exercise sessions and select one that inspires you to attain your fitness and health goals. Our trainers focus purely on strengthening thighs, butts and abs in weight loss training. A combination of power increases and you can enjoy muscle toning exercise to hit common problems area. All our classes deliver an intense regime that is offered to yield results. Our aim is to increase overall strength of your body, weight loss, sculpt and empower thighs, butt and abs. All our intense programs are designed to get the best output. For delivering a complete coverage and protection to all our members, we are highly beneficial. You can enjoy working out here as a memorable experience. We work with the traits that are extremely classy, classic and perfect.


  • Workout Halls are completely furnished with a workout area and machinery.
  • The Gym interior consists of fenced backyard, deck, DVD player, LCDs, WiFi and Wireless internet.
  • Spacious Halls offer more than enough space for Variety of gym equipment.
  • Stylish bathrooms are furnished with cozy tubs and modern accessories.
  • Pet-friendly apartments


All our Gym equipment is suitable for your easy movements. These are available in the variety of features. Members can take sessions in the yoga studio, spa in special rooms and workout halls as per requirement. The significant side in all process is the low registration and charges. Yes, for offering an extensive quality gym environment at very reasonable rates to the customers we are ideal for your use. In this building of Hawthorn Gym, we are open for all your services. Our members get the facility of rooms, lockers, and high-quality of the treatment. Give a wonderful massage to your body by hiring the personal massage facility. We have furnished our rooms for an exclusive spa treatment. With 5 yoga studios, we accommodate a huge range of members in the yoga sessions. Do not bother it is too late in the night after office. You can continue your workout in the flexible timings because we are open 24/7.



6 Pack Abs