Are you ready to sweat? This is not your common fluorescent-lit box filled with treadmills. Gym Richmond welcome vigorous atmosphere with balanced Gym philosophy in Albert Park for mental and physical well-being. Our infrared sauna, peaceful yoga studio, rock climbing wall, modern equipment and tailored strength training confirm working out will not feel like a chore. We always focus on the unique activities like community ice baths. We accommodate our members with modern facilities. Our gym is well-equipped with modern facilities. All the members are facilitated with a modern security system. We provide personal lockers. Our security system is highly innovative that provides protection inside the gym. These security cameras are full of the features that are unique and cover the current needs of security. It is the fact that video security technology has modified drastically over last twenty years.


  • Boot Camp for beginners is to boost up your enthusiasm
  • Cardio Workout is the prime source to provide you a healthy plan for whole body
  • Yoga classes and sessions are numerous for you physical and mental health
  • Give your body a treat with Spa treatment
  • Steam Exercises are great to activate you for the next week working routine


Working out in an enthusiastic environment that contains luxurious facilities is the dream of every one and this dream is becoming reality in Gym Richmond in Albert Park. Now you can avail these facilities here. Working out in the Gym is highly beneficial in many ways because our coaches guise you what is good to attain fitness. Offering the spacious bedrooms, lounges the well- furnished halls and swimming pool area enhance the shimmer of the Gym environment. Gym Richmond in Albert Park is situated in the heart of the city and in the best locations of the area. These are admired due to the super luxury lifestyle in the modern way of construction. You can get Personal Trainers in our fitness center in an innovative way. With the help of the modern equipment such you will enjoy high-quality workout. These are dynamic due to unique configuration. All our work out devices are able to work in the wet and dusty environment.



6 Pack Abs