Bon Air gym


Do you want to improve your Cardio fitness? With the Aqua Power in the Gym Richmond in Bon Air is the next step from Aqua and features impact free exercise. We have designed these programs to empower core strength. All our classes take place in special workout zones with freestyle equipment and battle ropes for over all conditioning. Expect to swing, pull, push and drag your way to the finish lines. All these workout exercises are to develop fitness, power and functional strength. It is appropriate for all fitness levels. You will enjoy all our services and facilities here. Our members can get the facility of privacy and personal lockers. It is all about your security. Security cameras provide a solid support to business or home regarding protection from suspicious activities and other crimes including theft. The users get the complete security because of the fully functional surveillance security system in the security cameras. Some other facilities are given below.


  • Cable TV or satellite for your comfort and entertainment
  • Internet for the members to in touch with outer world
  • Wireless internet is good for those who want to continue their workout
  • Easy internet access with solid signals
  • Wide parking lot for you and your friends


Enjoy the services of personal massage, spa treatment, personal fitness training, sauna bath, steam shower and many more. Give a break to your exhausted body on the reliable couches, relaxing chair, massage beds and massage chair with us. All our material is hypo-allergenic. Enjoy an extreme level of comfort and hygienic spa bed and bedding. Our spa sheet sets are available in organic cotton as well as in simple cotton fabric. It is hypoallergenic fabric for your body. Due to this feature you need not worry about your health. These sheets are made of GOTS certified organic cotton, Hypoallergenic, unbleached, free from harmful chemicals, for your health and for a sustained environment. These are extremely cleaned and tidy. It gives soft effect to the users and great in demand these days. We have maintained our rooms, studios and halls in a unique and modern ways.



6 Pack Abs